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Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

By improving your social signals it will help you rank well in major search engines and social media sites organically. Our Social Media Campaign Specialist will handle all the in’s and out’s.


PPC – Pay Per Click

“Expensive but fast to lead traffic and sales conversion”

SEO Services

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

“Cheaper but risky and we do not guarantee to a particular SERP positions in major search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing)”

Online Marketing Solutions

Online Marketing Solutions

With on-going massive campaigns from your competitors we will give you a customize online campaign that will help your online presence gain sales lead and immediate returns of investment.

PTGC – Publishers Traffic Generator For Content Frequently Ask Questions

Can Social Media Lead Sales?

While some people may argue that social media cannot lead to sales, in reality, it actually can and does. What a Social Media presence does is it makes you highly visible to a lot of people, including the people you are targeting, and as such, when they need to buy something from you, they can easily find you. Increased visibility is obtained by improving your social signals. When you do this, your site will then rank well in major search engines and in social media sites organically. We can help you achieve the kind of visibility you need which will, in effect, help you increase revenue.

How Can We Make Our Social Media Page Visible?

If your social media page is not easy to find by those who need it, we will help you with that as well. We will help you grow your social media visibility, credibility and authority. By using our extensive experience in social media marketing, we can boost your popularity.

What is a Social Media Campaign Specialist?

A social media campaign specialist is someone who knows the inner workings of social media marketing and what it entails to help get sites noticed on these. When you sign-up with us, one of our campaign specialists will handle all the ins and outs of your social media activity. This is to help you get the kind of social media exposure you need without you needing to delve into the hassles of doing so yourself.

Why is Social Media Important to a Company’s Online Presence?

With more and more people joining the many social media sites online nowadays, it is a travesty for a company to not capitalize on it. The availability of information on these portals is an ideal platform for companies to use when they want to spread the word about new products, services and other offerings they might have. Having a strong social media presence not only opens your company up to an increase in the number of prospective clients but also opens it up to new partnerships and business opportunities. New partnerships and new business opportunities can come in the form of interested investors, product developers and other similar companies or individuals who may get in touch with your via these social media portals. Not only will this increase the possibility of increasing revenue, it also increases the chances for your company to grow bigger.

What are the Social Media Portals that are Ideal for a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

There are a number of social media portals that can be utilized for your social media campaign and these include some of the most popular ones around. You may be familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+. There are a few others that you may not be too familiar with, but can still be used to your advantage, like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, to name a few more.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media network that allows people to communicate with each other with the help of real-time posts, you can also Buy Twitter Followers to boost your popularity. This is also called a micro-blogging site that allows people to share site links, image links, quotes, news and other media, as long as these and the links to these are no more than 140 characters in total, including spaces. The number of users that this micro-blogging site now has is 500 million, with around 2/5 of that very active. Great source to Buy Twitter Followers For $5 .

What is Facebook?

If you do not know what Facebook is, then you are not living in the present. Facebook is the most popular social media network on the planet. It was launched in 2004 and since then, has seen a steady increase in the number of users. The total number of users that this social media networking site has is now at an estimated 1.06 billion, with 680 million of those using mobile devices to access their accounts. Facebook is used by many to connect with friends, family and colleagues via games, messages, chat and pages. This is also being used by businesses to increase their visibility as well as to connect with their customers on a regular basis.

What is YouTube?

With around 800 million users and with about 4 billion views being made on this site every day, it is no wonder that this site is a part of every company’s social network marketing list. Of course, you will need to have videos for this site to be able to utilize it to its fullest since YouTube is a video sharing website.

What is Google Plus?

Known to many as simply G+, this site is the social networking arm of your favorite browser, Google. People who have Google Mail , or Gmail for short, can easily create a profile on this site since you automatically have access to this social networking site upon making your email account. Considered the next best thing to Facebook, with around 343 million users and rising, this site is slowly becoming a fast favorite for those who want a professional looking social networking option.

What is Pinterest?

This photo sharing website uses the popularity of pinboards to get people to post and share images that they feel are shareworthy. This site has quite a number of users too, with around 25 million users as of February 2013, sharing images on virtual pinboards that come with different categories ang tags.

What is Instagram?

Another photo sharing website, Instagram is a social networking site that is used by around 90 million active users and has around 4 billion photos on it to date. Originally made for use on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, this app can be purchased by users through Google Play and via the Apple App Store.

What is SoundCloud?

If YouTube is to videos and Instagram is to pictures, SoundCloud is to music and audio distribution. This is a social media networking site used by musicians for collaborations, promotions and distribution of their work. This site can be combined with Twitter and Facebook by musicians in order to give their followers a chance to find their work faster and easier.

What is Vimeo?

Another video sharing website, this site was launched in 2004. With 12.6 million users, it may not be as famous as its counterpart, but still has quite a lot of people visiting and viewing videos on it. With 65 million visitors every month and 8 million active users, it is one social networking site that is also on the list of social media marketers everywhere.

What is LinkedIn?

For those who want a professional social networking site that puts them in touch with others like them in their industry, then LinkedIn is the site to be registered in. As of early 2013, this site has over 200 million users and is available in a wide variety of languages.

What is Tumblr?

With 150 million users worldwide, this site is considered a favorite among micro-bloggers who love posting content in the form of short blogs. As of last quarter of 2012, the site is said to contain 77 million blogs and gets around 13 billion views per month.

Do you have paid traffic or PPC like Adwords?

If you require the use of paid ads, then yes, PPC is available for your campaigns. While some people may say it is a costly form of getting traffic, the truth of the matter is, it is a cost effective method for getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is oftentimes a surefire way of getting revenue since people do not click through your pay per click ads if they do not need what you are offering. The good part about PPC is that, you only pay when they click through to your site, which means that you have the traffic you need and all you have to do is to have a site that attracts a person to purchase from you.

Do you have SEO or organic traffic?

Whatever package you need, we have it. We have packages to suit your varying site needs. Whether it is an increase in SERP rankings or an influx of organic traffic, we have the right SEO package for you.

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